XONE collaborated with Metamundo.co in creating an interoperable scene for the metaverse.
After the scene was released and minted for free, in an effort to gain traction for XONE, showcasing the quality of visuals we could achieve at the moment.
The concept for this scene was done by Auras Studios art director, Alica Molito.
She had a clear vision and wanted to create a standalone room, that would work in any metaverse by being able to self-sustain, and thus came the idea of a small retro hotel for the metaverse.
The final style was a collaboration, between us two, and it was also our first time using AI to generate the artwork that is seen on the walls, using Dall-e and Midjourney.
In the end, the room came out as a fun retro space to hang out. The launch was done in Spatial, with metamundo's team and Xone presenting to the community.
You can see part of the room below by hovering your mouse on the model.
This was an extremely fun project, that allowed me to experiment with light baking, AI image generation, testing an optimized workflow for interoperable assets, definitely a great learning experience.
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