With a rise in Crypto popularity while working at Aura's Studios, the company's focus shifted towards NFT collections around 2021. 
The company started building a metaverse app, which would later have its original concept updated, now catering to musicians and the whole music industry. 
The first iteration was to create a universe with a specific design style and concept that would mash up surreal elements, as well as using other objects and elements that would refer to 1990's and 2000's nostalgia. A future made up of style mashups in an extremely fun and cool alternate reality.
We started building themed worlds, and the fist theme was "Jungle" where living spaces were to be invaded by plants and trees and create a surrealistic living space, that would become purchased as Metaverse land, embedded in an NFT collection of procedurally generated random objects and room finishes, to make a first offering of 2.5K rooms.
After a successful launch, other collections were created, sporting new designs, night and day versions, while starting to work on the App for XONE which would also include comunal areas where you could hang out and meet people, besides being able to visit your purchased rooms and even redecorating with additional purchasable decorations and furniture.
Before shifting towards the music industry, we started to create a collection of high-end premium collectibles that could be purchased by owners of XONE rooms, and added to enhance their room and collection value.
When the app was launched, you were now able to connect your Metamask wallet and visit your personal XONE in AR.
Thanks for reading! (This concludes part 1 of 2. Below you can watch process videos.)
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