I was asked to develop the spash screen for Verisurf's version X8.
Loading screen was created by animating the logo, creating the X8 version icon, and a looping background that would evoke the idea of parametric measuring and 3D volume linear scanning.
I started by creating the X8 icon, and worked thru several rounds with client until we found the optimal arrangement and look.
Then I created a parametricly animated background using lines and nodes, and worked thru some rounds of options with client.
Finally, client wanted its logo to be partially animated, so to create the requested animation, I created a a deformer and fallofs within Modo to create the animated logo and finally depleoyed the composited shot into a .bmp sequence to be included within the new app.
Final X8 render
X8 Logo iterations
3D model of the X8
I used deformers and falloffs within Modo 801 to animate the logo.
Animated backgrounds
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