This project was developed for an upcoming website called Echo it.
Its a very new concept that might revolutionize the way people interact with companies, and in term, might become a defacto tool for companies' marketing reasearch departments.
The company is now seeking for funding to be able to actually program the website, wich will allow for consumers to interact directly with companies, helping them better their offers, help them innovate, and possibly steer future iterations of products and services towards a more channeled and precise way of attending user's needs. Users will even get rewards when submitting the best ideas or by being the first to alert of possible problems or alternate uses of products.
I was in charge editing video, colour grading, music editing, and developing a website mockup that would serve the video purpose of clearly explaining the way the site works. We even ended up animating a 3D scene, that would help the viewer understand the high capacity of the site to innovate, collaborate, and possibly convert it's viewers into project-funding partners.
Before and after colour grading and FX
Website Gauge icon
Website mockup screen
3D Scene
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