We were part of the launch of the band Easy Life's new album. Thru a strategic partnership with Universal Music, XONE was part of the marketing efforts of the band to promote their new album, providing their loyal fans with an incredible experience.
Art direction was a collaboration between XONE and the band's existing branding for the album. In the end we created a scene straight from the album cover, and used their music and lyrics as inspiration to create their piece of the metaverse, in a way that would resonate with their fans.
I personally worked on many assets, including a new collection of premium items for the fans that would be sold as part of the launch campaign, other were part of a scavenger hunt where found items would be immediately available.

We iterated and tested many patterns and combinations while creating the textures that would conform the starting collection. It was important to have enough options and that the graphics were aligned with the lyrics, as the band wanted to make a contest for their fans, where prices would be given to the rooms that were re-decorated with the best use of the available elements.
We created spaces for fans where they could meet and explore within the house.  This view shows the basic room that was give to decorate, with the whole premium collection of decorative items (in high res, not final version).
The band wanted to incorporate a grumpy bee character from one of their singles album cover, so that was another last minute addition that had to be created. It would greet fans when they entered the Easy Life metaverse.
Here's a sample of some of the process involving the creation of these assets in high resolution, before optimizing for Unity.
Below are renders of the sample room with all the collectibles, which are a birdcage, glass lamp, velvet couch, poster, neon sign, bubble wrap chair, giant bonsai tree, ash tray and antifreeze bottle.
Thanks for watching!
- Paul

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